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Product Description

Floridia Parmesan is a hard drum shaped wheel cheese, manufactured naturally from fresh pasteurized cow’s milk. This cheese is aged up to two years and is consistent with sharp flavours. The more mature the parmesan, the stronger the flavour, and the drier, crumblier and grainier the texture. The distinctively salty, slightly granular cheese and hard body makes it ideal for grating and sprinkled over pizza and pasta dishes or stirred into soup or risottos. Try serving it as parmesan shavings in a salad or make it the feature of a cheese board. Just don’t serve it straight from the fridge — take it out an hour or so beforehand, unwrap it and let it breathe to accentuate its aroma and flavour.

Flavour Fruity, nutty, savoury, sharp
Colour Light yellow to dark yellow
Body Hard to very hard

Available Sizes

Wheel – 7kg random Grated – 2kg
Wedge – 300g Grated – 1kg
Shaved – 1kg Grated – 250g
Grated – 100g