Mozzarella Shredded 500g



Product Description

Floridia Mozzarella is a natural cheese made from fresh pasteurized cow’s milk and belonging to the pasta filata (stretched curd) family. There are two varieties of Floridia Mozzarella, fresh eating and pizza loaf. Floridia Fresh Mozzarella is white in appearance, milky in flavour, with a soft to semi-soft body and delicate texture. Perfect as a slicing cheese on pizzas or flatbreads, snacks, salads or vegetables. It pairs well with fresh tomatoes, pestos, fruits, olives, basil and tapenades. Floridia loaf is mild in flavour, light yellow to yellow in appearance and ranges from semi-firm to firm texture making it ideal for shredding and grating. Due to its excellent melting, stretching and browning properties, Floridia Mozzarella loaf blends well with baked dishes, sandwiches, pizzas and pastas.

Flavour Mild, slightly sweet
Colour Yellow
Body Soft to semi-firm

Available Sizes
Pizza loaf 2.5kg
Mozzarella Shredded 2kg, 500g & 200g
Mozzarella Ball Pear 500g & 250g
Treccia 500g