Burrata 150g



Product Description

Floridia Burrata is a natural cheese made from fresh pasteurized cow’s milk. The important thing to remember about this cheese is that while it’s made from mozzarella, burrata is not mozzarella cheese. Floridia Burrata is its own, very special type of cheese. Rich and buttery in flavour without being too indulgent, Floridia Burrata has an outer shell made from mozzarella that’s formed into a pouch and then filled with soft, stringy curd and fresh cream. The finished Burrata is then tied to form a little topknot pouch and packed with brine in a container. The real magic happens when Floridia Burrata is sliced open and the creamy insides spill out. Floridia Burrata is best served fresh at room temperature, goes well with salad, crusty bread, prosciutto, fresh tomatoes with olive oil and cracked pepper or in pasta. Best eaten within 24 hours.

Flavour Rich, buttery
Colour White
Body Soft

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