Floridia Halloumi is a natural cheese manufactured from fresh pasteurized cow’s milk. This cheese is shiny white, smooth without rind, has a fibrous rubbery texture and a deeply savoury taste.
Floridia Halloumi is a cooking cheese and holds its shape when fried or grilled. Cut into thin slices, Floridia Halloumi placed in a hot, nonstick pan will rapidly become slightly charred and crisp, while the centre melts deliciously. Halloumi is often eaten in large slices or threaded in chunks onto skewers, but slices of Floridia Halloumi add a satisfying firmness to a grilled omelette. Combined with watermelon it makes a cool summery salad or try dicing it into small cubes and using to stuff peppers, courgettes or aubergines.

Flavour Bland and milky
Colour White
Body Fibrous, rubbery texture

Available Sizes
2kg Bucket
6kg Bucket