Floridia Bocconcini, Fiore di latte, Milk Cherries and Pearls are natural cheeses made from fresh pasteurized cow’s milk. Made from Mozzarella (pasta filata) are available in various sizes depending on your preference. White in colour, semi-soft, rindless and unripened they are packed in tubs filled with brine. These bite-sized cheeses have a refreshingly delicate and creamy aroma with an elastic texture and consistency. Best consumed fresh, Italians enjoy drizzling with Extra Virgin Olive, as a centrepiece in salads or sliced on a pizza.

Flavour Buttery, mild and sweet
Colour White
Body Creamy and semi-soft (brined)

Sold in tubs and or by the bucket


Available Sizes

Fiore di latte     125g
                                1 x 125g Tub
                                8 x 125g Bucket – total weight 1kg
Bocconcini        30g
                                7 x 30g Tub – total weight 210g
                                 20 x 30g Bucket – total weight 600g
                                40 x 30g Bucket – total weight 1.2kg
Cherries             10g
                                20 x 10g Tub – total weight 200g
                                60 x 10g Bucket – total weight 600g
                                100 x 10g Bucket – total weight 1kg
Pearls                   4g
                                200g Tub
                                1.2kg Bucket